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Automatic driving lessons available

If you're finding it difficult to learn to drive, perhaps because you find the whole idea of driving quite an ordeal you might find opting to drive in an automatic car much more of a pleasant experience. Controlling an automatic car can be much easier to move off, to steer and to stop.

An automatic car does not have a clutch or manual gears! All it has is a gas pedal for accelerating and a brake to slow or stop. All you will use is your right foot to press one of the pedals in turn while your left foot just takes a break and doesn’t touch the pedals at all.

One of the main advantages of not having a clutch is that you don’t have to find the biting point which means the worry of stalling is taken away. You don’t have to continually change gear which gives you more time to focus on what’s happening on the road while your car automatically changes gears for you.

One slight snag!

If you decide to learn and pass your test in an automatic car your driving licence will restrict you to an automatic car, which means you will not be able to drive a manual car until you have passed a manual driving test. However, one quick look at dealerships or car retailers you will find that there are a good selection of automatic cars available and their popularity is increasing year on year.

Take the stress out of driving and learn in an automatic with our experienced instructor

Our associate driving instructor has been in the business for over ten years and has helped many people to pass in an automatic car where they have previously struggled in a manual car. The relaxed atmosphere provided by our driving instructor, plus the reduced amount of devices needed to be controlled in an automatic car assists with making your driving experience much more pleasurable here at Drivepass.  

Interested in giving it a go?

Take the stress out of driving and call us on 01633 815275 and we'll assist you to find the confidence to make your driving experience pleasurable, safer and successful.  

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